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Akashi Shotokan Karate Association Leeds

Run by Glenn Riley 5th Dan, a full time Karate Instructor 


Glenn started Akashi in August 2011 with just 5 students. In under 4 years Akashi has become one of the largest clubs in West Yorkshire, with over 170 Members. Based in the North Leeds area, classes are currently held at venues in Meanwood, Chapel Allerton and Cookridge.


Lessons are unique and varied, drawing on 30 years of training and teaching experience, Glenn continues to work hard on a daily basis to ensure the highest standard of Karate is maintained for both his students and himself. Akashi is an independent association affiliated to All Styles Karate Alliance.

‘I was hugely impressed with the Akashi Shotokan Karate ethos as soon as my son attended his first lesson. My son was warmly greeted by both Glenn Sensei and Akashi club members, making him feel instantly welcome. Glenn Sensei teaches his Dojo from the front, participating in everything he demands of his students. His dynamic, disciplined professional attitude to achieve the highest quality karate sets the tone for every aspect of Akashi Karate. From the organised, structured induction of new members, to the excellent communication to club members, (The monthly newsletter is more like a magazine, detailing club achievements, future courses, karate tips and links), or the highly detailed precise, (and intense) instruction, Akashi Shotokan oozes professionalism. Akashi strives to help its members achieve the highest standards in karate.

My first personal experience of Akashi Shotokan was when I attended a family training day to support my son's passion for karate. I found myself at the end of the lesson thinking I would really like to do this again. The training given by Glenn Sensei is very driven and I personally leave classes physically and mentally exhausted... but always eager for the next session.’

-Russell Fisher

‘I started at Akashi Shotokan Karate Club about 10 months ago.  Although I achieved 3rd Dan level with a different organisation,  it’s suprised me how much there’s still to learn. The instruction is first class from Glenn Sensei, who is very friendly, but also very focused on teaching karate at the highest level.  The club has members of all ages, and has classes at various times to suit everyones needs... I sometimes think how very much better off I would be if I ‘d started at Akashi years ago, and feel excited to be a part of this great club.’

-Gary Green 3rd Dan

‘You can learn how to live a good life.’

-Afshin Afrasiabi

‘Glenn Sensei has nurtured a club that promotes respect for all it's members. Akashi Shotokan is a friendly community, whose strength derives from its leadership and diversity, where the individual is challenged to learn new skills in a supportive environment. My children engage in exercise that is fun, while also developing their focus, self-discipline and self-confidence.’

-Andy Jones

‘A great instructor who shares his wealth of knowledge in a friendly and informative way.’

-Scott Langley

‘Ladies, if you’ve ever fancied giving karate a try but felt a little intimidated, then this is the club to join. My daughter started training here three years ago and 6 months later I joined too! The club is friendly, very mixed and offers first class training with a welcoming and supportive atmosphere. Instructor, Glenn Riley Sensei is experienced, friendly and very down to earth. We‘ve seen our children grow in confidence, fitness and skill as a consequence of his training techniques. If you or your children want to train in a friendly, hardworking, fun atmosphere then this is the club for you’

-K. Cruise

‘We are proud to be members of this club, because it is friendly, fun, and great to be part of.’ 

-Ifan and Mariam Jones (3rd Kyu and 12th Kyu)

‘Akashi Shotokan, I have been a member for 3 years, joining at 1st Dan level... These years have truly flown by, the club has grown in size and quality...Dan grades, all from different backgrounds and experience continue to become a part of the club, all bringing with them something unique and different, but no politics. I have made some great friends, grade regardless... My sensei, Glenn Riley, I have nothing but praise for. You would go a long way to find someone more passionate about what he teaches. In time, you really see that he cares about the development of his students karate as much, if not more than his own. He lives up to his title and never disappoints. I am proud to be a member of Akashi Shotokan Karate Club, and the WTKO.’

-Maya Jagger

‘Leeds is lucky to have Glenn Riley. You could travel a long way to find an instructor of this standard.’ 

-Britt Jagger

‘My son loves to attend class. He started karate for fitness, but is gaining much more. He loves karate already. It is a professional class with a great sensei. The other members made him welcome when he first started, and he is a very happy and proud member of Akashi Shotokan Karate Club.’

-K. Wilkinson

‘Awesome. Traditional Shotokan Karate, lovely people, excellent training.’

-Abi Marchant

‘I have trained in a number of dojo’s over the years and can confidently say that Akashi Shotokan Karate Club in Leeds is the best of these. I had a long gap out of training (several years) and decided to restart along with my 7 year old son. After a lot of consideration I decided to give Akashi a try, and was very glad I did... Glenn encourages everyone to work together and learn, and make use of your mind as well as your body. I have never seen my son pay so much attention! Whether you‘re a first timer or a time served martial artist, Akashi Shotokan Karate Leeds is definitely worth a visit. ’

-D. Clayman

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