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My Kenshusei Journey: Week 1

Glenn Riley at WTKO Honbu.

2 March · New York, NY, United States

Kenshusei training began yesterday. I trained and assisted in a children's class, followed by a very intense adult class. Many Kihon repetitions followed by Kumite practice with partners. Class finished with Kata Heian Godan. Although I consider my fitness levels to be quite good, I was exhausted and left with a drenched Dogi!! A very good standard of Dan grades who gave 100%. Evening finished off with a Japanese meal with Richard Amos Sensei, and Yanti Amos. Listening to Sensei's experiences of Kenshusei are fantastic and very inspiring. I came back to the Dojo, and after finishing my Dojo duties, I collapsed on my futon. 





👍38 You, Maya Jagger, Scott Langley and 35 others


Janet Harrison I bet you did xxx

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John Shanahan It only gets better ...just say Ous. ...

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Scott Langley Just say Osu... not Ous 😜😜😜

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Steve King What a day

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Richard Amos Osu Glen - good having you here!

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Mark Davy Let the beasting continue! It's character building

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Glenn Riley

2 March

Trained early this morning with two of Sensei's private students. Technique felt awful! The blog as promised is about the highs and lows of the Kenshusei course, and being honest with myself and those who are reading this. Over trying I have quickly discovered will not help, and of course, have realised that certain techniques this morning simply need work! I made my first attempt at folding a Dogi with Sensei recording (I will post soon!!). The first attempt was simply awful (I probably compare it to a white belt performing "Unsu"). The second attempt was much better. Doing some research now in the Dojo, a little rest, then training again at 6.00pm. 





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Ross Stewart Embrace that grind Glenn!!

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Richard Amos Osu Glenn, remember just let your body absorb the experience. There's too much going on to "think" your way to better technique - you have to "feel" your way and start trusting those feelings. Seneca once said about the kenshusei experience (maybe?): "if you are willing and open the fates will lead you, if not they will drag you".

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Glenn Riley Osu Sensei.

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Andrea 'Sam' Carbon 👊👊👊👊👊

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Shelly Collinson 😊

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Sarah Craske Riley "Stretch out with your feelings."  
Stay strong. X

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Chris Riley You are in good hands Glenn enjoy the experience I am with you in spirit take care x Dad😊

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Glenn Riley

3 March

Early morning training done (private class with one of Sensei's students). Then had one to one tuition on Kata Heian Shodan, highlighting many mistakes. Only day 3, however, so many things to think about and put into practice, my Dogi folding skills have improved, and certain blocking techniques I am looking at in a completely different way. A Children's class to attend this afternoon, followed by two more classes this evening.





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Ray Stritch Sounds great, enjoy every moment 😉👍🏻👊🏻

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Ian Reynolds Some times back to the old drawing board is the only way to go! Only every single other Kata to review! All the best.

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Sandra Carr There's no hope for me then gasp emoticon keep the updates coming 😊

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John Shanahan Wait for Saturday morning you will love it .....K. O. T.

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Nadeem Oppal Can't wait for you to pass on this new learning!

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Glenn Riley

4 March

4 classes today finishing with a superb last session. A very intense Kumite class finishing with Bassai-Dai. Sushi then bed! Up early in the morning for a 7am Yoga class with Yanti. 





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Colin Needham Good to see you tonight. Looking forward to the weekend training camp 👊😀

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Glenn Riley

5 March

Good morning all. 

I slept! 7.16am in New York. Shower and breakfast time. First class at 9.30am. I will post Updates on the Winter Camp later today. 






👍You, Maya Jagger, Scott Langley and 25 others


Parmajit Bharj Excellent, a good sleep and I bet you feel ready for the day. Look forward to the post sensei.

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Kirsty Norman Look forward to to your post too Sensei. Have a good day 😊

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Glenn Riley

5 March

The entrance to the WTKO Honbu Dojo.


Jenny Cameron Can I make a small request for a tired post training selfie? I think we all need to see how 'well' you look? 😉

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Glenn Riley

5 March

Two classes done today. First class working on Heian Shodan, Nidan, and Sandan. Last class working on many Kihon repetitions, Kata Empi, and Bassai-Dai. Had one on one tuition from Sensei when class finished, working on correct timing and body posture in Kata Empi (priceless!). I didn't get any sleep last night at all, and not much the night before, so extremely tired. Hopefully i can sleep tonight (more like praying), as I am assisting Sensei in two early morning classes, then training on the WTKO Winter Camp (3 classes). The training is extremely intense in the Adult classes, absolutely relentless, yet brilliant, a real test, and amazing atmosphere.


I miss my Wife Sarah and Son Leon greatly, and I am sure Leon misses me waiting on him hand and foot, and Sarah misses me moaning all the time!! It is without doubt the most challenging Karate experience i have ever had, and it has certainly made me look at how to apply techniques in a totally different way, although still very early days into the course. I know my Mum and Dad are reading this so for Mum: Make sure that bottle of white is chilling, and Dad: Do not run out of John Smiths smooth 😊

 I know my Dojo is in very good hands, and wish to thank everyone for mucking in (you know who you are). A quick shower, some Dojo chores and then bed. Looking forward to the Winter Camp tomorrow!





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Steve King Wow what a read as I am about to go to bed. Total respect to you Glenn we will all be greater for your efforts

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Vicky Jennings Very proud. Keep digging, I know you will! How you sleep tonight!

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Vicky Jennings *hope

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Andrea 'Sam' Carbon Very inspiring reading. It sounds amazing! Wishing you some sleep tonight sempai. 👊👊👊

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Shelly Collinson Sorry can't give u advise on sleep has I find it hard to sleep myself
Just make sure you get plenty of rest x

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John Shanahan When you find it hard to sleep walk around the dojo floor and relax thinking about your day . Should help you to relax . Keep it up the training only gets better ....K. O. T. My friend.

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Sarah Craske Riley Moaning?? You?? 😂. Leon definitely misses you tying his belt: two near melt-downs before each class this week, but he managed it in the end: "perseverance" - a word I remember my dad telling me the meaning of many years ago, persistence, determination, NEVER GIVE UP 😀👊🏻

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Steve Bailes Well done Glenn Riley it's a fantastic karate experience and without sleep and the intense bubble you are in is great but probably draining I guess which is what it's designed for the test of ones inner self. We are all behind you and keep the stories coming , I bet your note book is filling up fast taking in the finer details. Keep going and all the rewards comes with hard work respect Osu !

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Scott Haxby New surroundings and intense training with so much input would stop most people sleeping, I know you will dig deep Sensei. If it is any consolation I am spending every waking minute thinking about karate, not only about what areas to focus on in my next class but really trying to analyse my own technique.
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to instruct it truly is a test of character and and I am throughly enjoying it.

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Parmajit Bharj You are doing some unbelievable training, keep messaging, you have our support.

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Edward Ireland Great Glenn,
Keep at it my Friend, sleep will come eventually, your spirit and commitment is Fantastic

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Russ Fisher Keep digging deep Glenn sensei. Sounds like you are on one serious learning such a high level I just can't imagine. All Akashi are willing you on.

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Jean Riley Reading your comments daily on your training experience.I , m sure the input you are getting is going to be so benefical to the club when you come back .I will definitely have a good bottle chilling to welcome you home Lavender oil is good for relaxation and sleep .Stay strong I know you will do well you have the determination.Lots of love Mum Miss you lots xxxxx

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Michael Isaacs Sounds like your in Karate heaven Glenn. Have a great time and enjoy the experience.

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Glenn Riley

5 March

A fantastic first class with Amos Sensei. A great atmosphere here on the WTKO Winter camp. Looking forward to training under Scott Middleton Sensei in the next class. Oh! I forgot to mention that I had a superb Yoga class with Yanti the other day (she gave me a telling off in the Dojo this morning!!). 





👍You, Maya Jagger, Scott Langley and 31 others


Russ Fisher Glenn Sensei....You're in trouble! Lol 😃

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Kirsty Norman 😂😂

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Yanti Amos Glenn Sensei ! Now you make me sound like a meanie.... but Sarah your hubby did very well and I think the yoga stretching was good after all the short sharp karate movements of the week 👍😃 warm osses to all who are following the blog!

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Andrea 'Sam' Carbon Tough love. Yanti's way of showing she cares 👊👊👊😉

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Yanti Amos 👍😍 😃😃

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Sarah Craske Riley Yanti Amos the stretching will definitely have helped! 👍🏼

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Glenn Riley

5 March

End of the first day of Winter Camp. A brilliant 2nd session taken by Scott Middleton Sensei, who helped me greatly today (a big thank you) . My head was fried after training 5 classes today! John Mullin Sensei took the last class treating us to Kata "Sochin" and applications. Shower, Dojo chores, something to eat, and then bed. Up early in the morning, 1st session at 9.00am.






👍You, Maya Jagger, Scott Langley and 32 others


Edward Ireland Am loving your post, was at my dojo this afternoon, hammering myself so to speak .!!!

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Glenn Riley

6 March

Me updating my blog after 5 classes today. Sensei kindly took this.




👍You, Maya Jagger, Scott Langley and 33 others


Sarah Craske Riley 😴x

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Jean Riley You look shattered x

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Chris Riley Keep your chin up, you have lots of love and support back home x Dad

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Glenn Riley

7 March

Hard to the describe the weekend of training without sneaking the word awesome into it, simply incredible! Anyone who hasn't experienced training at the Honbu Dojo.... Do it! A huge thank you to all the Sensei's for your very inspiring tuition, to Scott Middleton Sensei for your help , to John J Mullin Sensei for your very kind gift, and to Richard Amos Sensei for everything. After training I had a FaceTime conversation with my Wife and Son which truly made my day, I love you both.





👍29 Maya Jagger, Scott Langley and 27 others


Angelo Sanna Occasionally one has to take three steps back before taking a step forward, but eventually one foot after the other the road to knowledge will be all yours. OSU

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Richard Amos Osu Glenn - proud of you this weekend!

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Glenn Riley Osu Sensei!

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Chris Riley A proud and smiling Glenn doesn't get better than that x Dad

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Andrea 'Sam' Carbon 😃 It sounds incredible.

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Glenn Riley

7 March

Good Morning! 

Happy Wedding Anniversary to my lovely Wife Sarah, I love you with all my heart X (I will spoil you when I arrive back 😀. Not training until 6pm this evening , then again at 8pm. I will be concentrating on my reports today as I have quite a lot of written work to do on certain aspects of Karate (apologies, I can not disclose) . It feels like I have been at the Honbu Dojo for a month rather than a week . I have lost count how many classes I have trained in. One valuable thing I have learned... Just say Oss!





👍You, Maya Jagger, Scott Langley and 33 others


Vicky Jennings Happy anniversary you two! See you soon.

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Sarah Craske Riley 😍 play hard, train harder! 👊🏻

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Kirsty Norman It feels like you have been gone for longer than 7 days. Your mum and I were saying on Saturday. Looks like you having a great time Sensei 😀

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Colin Needham Just say "Osu" not "oss" 👊😉 
Keep going Glenn Riley, you're doing fine

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Steve King Happy anniversary Glenn you sound you have crammed a months worth of work into a week . Keep going and keep enjoying

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Andrea 'Sam' Carbon Osu! Glenn Sensei! Proud of you both as my sempai and my friend. You're doing good! 👊

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Richard Amos Don't say osu to Sarah when she asks if you love her though!

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Jean Riley Looks like you have got over your jet lag it seems ages since you were here .The club is doing good sensei Scott is doing a great job Sensei Nadeem is surviving the tigers class good attendance both classes xxxxx

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Glenn Riley Great news! 😀

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