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My Kenshusei Journey: Week 2

Glenn Riley at WTKO Honbu.

8 March · New York, NY, United States

Early morning Yoga with Yanti. 🙏





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Sarah Craske Riley Yanti makes it look so easy! 😳 xxx

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Helen Thornham Tree pose! (Kinda) 😉

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Glenn Riley I'm trying Helen!! I'm trying 😁

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Glenn Riley 

8 March · New York, NY, United States

A busy day ahead. Early morning Yoga with Yanti, then 4 classes with Sensei.🙏





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Richard Amos Hard to spot Glenn but he's the one with the WTKO white t-shirt!

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Jean Riley You will be so fit by the time you come home Will we be adding some yoga into our classes miss you xxx

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Glenn Riley Mum, I would not even consider it . Have you seen my tree pose 😜

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Glenn Riley 

8 March · New York, NY, United States

Yesterday was spent writing up my many reports as I had a free morning and afternoon. My first class yesterday evening was a one on one with Sensei. I performed Heian Shodan and Nidan with Sensei picking many faults (really frustrating). My Kokutsu-Dachi (back stance), Shuto-Uke (Katana Hand), turning from Oi-Zuki clockwise into Gedan Barai, before the Tetsui (Heian Shodan) , and many other techniques were heavily scrutinized. How does this make me feel? It makes me eager to correct these faults, although it is not going to happen overnight. There is no place to hide at the Honbu Dojo, Sensei sees everything! I have days when my Karate feels ok, then days when i simply cringe as i know what i am doing is incorrect. Although i feel frustrated in class when this happens, i would rather experience this then live a lie thinking my Karate is faultless. I had the opportunity to lightly free spar with Sensei in the private class, again, totally out of my comfort zone! Obviously there are always going to be highs and lows, but feel a little better when i remind myself who i am training under here...





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Ray Stritch You never stop learning Glenn Riley 😉👍🏻👊🏻

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Scott Haxby I am sure a lot of Akashi students can relate to this post. 
Work in progress is what you keep telling us and yes Sensei does see everything. Osu.

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Russ Fisher Nadeem Oppal: "Glenn Sensei, what do you see?" Glenn Sensei: "I see everything" 😊

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Jenny Cameron this is how i feel at every course i go to wink emoticon doughnuts don't work with you Glenn Sensei hahaha

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Andrea 'Sam' Carbon Yes, I guess I echo Jenny. This is how I feel at every course and if your kokutsu dachi needs a lot of work, goodness knows where I'm at with mine. Sensei Simon is always reminding me of how rubbish my kokutsu dachi is. 😜

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Raphael Roger Levy 👊🏻

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Nadeem Oppal I feel better after reading this post, this is how I have felt at every class since I have started Karate. Guest it means we are passionate about what we do, and strive for perfection-that's a good thing right?

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Benjamin Bitoun Osu Glenn 
What a wonderful, personal post. As a karateka and person, I don't know you well, but phrases like "I would rather experience this then live a lie thinking my Karate is faultless" make me want to change that!

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Glenn Riley Osu Benjamin,
Many thanks for your comment . I look forward to meeting you soon my friend 

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Glenn Riley

9 March · New York, NY, United States

My Tuesday class. I miss you terribly guys. Keep training hard, see you soon 👍





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Richard Amos That is the cutest thing I've seen today!

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Yanti Amos So so wonderful !! 😃

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Vicky Jennings We miss you too!

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Glenn Riley 

9 March · New York, NY, United States

In Sensei's and Yanti's apartment today reading Sensei's book yet to be published. An absolute treat and great honour! I had the privilege to then relax prior to class and listen to Sensei read some of the book to me . All I can say, it was like watching a film listening to him read. A treasured moment indeed.





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Russ Fisher Great photo Glenn Sensei. You really do look like you are absorbing every single word. (Cool artwork behind you too!) 😃

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Richard Amos Thanks for being a great listener Glen - getting such positive feedback from you inspires me to get this book done!

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Angelo Sanna We are all waiting to read this much discussed Book. OSU

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Yanti Amos No one more than me Sensei lol!

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Angelo Sanna Yanti Amos is he keeping it a Secret??

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Glenn Riley at WTKO Honbu.

9 March · New York, NY, United States

I maybe bruised all over, completely exhausted from the intense training, and constant input and feedback I get from Sensei, however, I love the training here! It is simply brilliant, very exhausting, but brilliant. I am pushed to my limits almost everyday, and to be honest like today, I was shattered prior to the final lesson starting. You can always find that extra bit to push you through, especially when Sensei is in front of you! He does have this gift of waking you up!





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Michael Isaacs That smile tells me everything Glenn. --- Karate heaven!

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Steve King A priceless experience and yes that smile on your face tells the story of you being in your element

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Angelo Sanna Sweat & more Sweat, Pure Karate is just this. What we do not see is the Real Benefits, the Changes happening on the inside. Perseverance will get you through this. Gambatte Kudasai, OSU

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Ciarán Ó Maoláin What I call a good pain and you look like your really loving it

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Glenn Riley Osu Michael, This is very far from being Heaven, trust me. Although i am enjoying the experience 😃

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Glenn Riley at WTKO Honbu.

9 March · New York, NY, United States

A fantastic 2 classes this evening. 1st class Kihon and Kata Suishu, 2nd class trained with ankle/ wrist weights and tube training. Below picture displays my Dogi folding skills😀






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Simon Bligh

10 March 

Hi Glenn have you seen anything of New York yet? Been outside ? Enjoying the posts, we will book you for a dogi folding course asap.






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Andrea 'Sam' Carbon Yes! You can't come home without going to the top of the Empire State Building. I want a picture of you wearing Statue of Liberty sunglasses or hat. lol lol 😃

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Simon Bligh In kiba dachi

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Andrea 'Sam' Carbon Yes Simon, good idea! In kiba dachi! Just say Osu! Glenn sensei. Lol 😃

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Jenny Cameron and a picture of you in the Heartland Brewery at the bottom of the Empire State Building with a big pint of beer!

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Andrea 'Sam' Carbon Still wearing your Statue of Liberty sunglasses! 😎 😃

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Simon Bligh And a" I love Tae Kwon Do "T shirt

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Jenny Cameron Hahaha!! 😈

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Andrea 'Sam' Carbon Oooh yes! I'm liking the I 💜 Taekwondo tee shirt!

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Andrea 'Sam' Carbon Stars and stripes do-gi bottoms? Lol

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Andrea 'Sam' Carbon I'd better shut up or else I'm going to get a battering. Lol 😃

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Sandra Carr You guys are all bonkers, I'm giggling reading your comments lol 😃

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Richard Amos And on the 10th day....Glen had earned the right to leave the dojo. Photos to follow.

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Glenn Riley at WTKO Honbu.

10 March · New York, NY, United States


👍17 Maya Jagger, Andrea 'Sam' Carbon and 15 others


Glenn Riley Me with Yani after the class.

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Zack Stewart Great guy.

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Raphael Roger Levy Osu!👊🏻🙏🏻

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Russ Fisher What an incredible location to train. The smile says it all Glenn Sensei 😃

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Glenn Riley

10 March · New York, NY, United States

I had a rare treat today! As Richard Amos Sensei was happy with my Dogi folding, he allowed me out of the Dojo for one hour! Had an early morning class with one of Sensei's private students, where we covered Khion and Kata Gankaku. The training was outside, which was amazing (freedom tower in background). We then went to Central Park for a stroll round. Many thanks Sensei,




👍Scott Langley, Sarah Craske Riley and 32 others


Sarah Craske Riley I'm well-jel! 😈xxx

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Richard Amos Osu Glenn - we might have to let you out again this weekend! Was a really nice morning 🌞

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Angelo Sanna Kihon outside is great. Proper breathing (all the Pollution) no walls, no mirrors just the Sky as Witness. OSU

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Parmajit Bharj A well deserved treat. However, I do hope you are not thinking about outside training when you get back to sunny Leeds.

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Steve King Quality stuff

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Glenn Riley at WTKO Honbu.

11 March · New York, NY, United States

Early morning Yoga with Yanti Amos. This pose is called "the bind". As you can see I am doing it quite differently to the others. So different, it has been renamed " the knot" 😃 many thanks to Richard Amos Sensei for capturing this unique shot.




👍You, Maya Jagger, Sarah Craske Riley and 25 others


Angeline Kua haha 😃

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Angelo Sanna As in Knot to do it that way?? God Bless my Friend, I am sure that all of this will benefit (you and others) in your search for a better self. OSU

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Scott Haxby Love it 😂

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Shelly Collinson I guess we are in for a yoga session soon

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Sarah Craske Riley I won't say what Leon said it looked like you were doing! 😳😂

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Jessica Quaresma bah! Sensei Glenn I constantly need help with this pose as well!

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Glenn Riley 

12 March · New York, NY, United States

Sensei let me out for another hour 😃


👍You, Maya Jagger, Scott Langley and 26 others


Parmajit Bharj Don't forget shopping sensei.

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Richard Amos Is an hour a day too much? John Shanahan only got 15 mins!

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John Shanahan Ha ha and i even got lost a few times lol. Lucky I had the dojo mobile phone ....

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Sarah Craske Riley Aww 💚 NYC 🇺🇸 x

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Rona Ireland Time off for good behaviour, well deserved, enjoy.

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Glenn Riley at WTKO Honbu.

13 March · New York, NY, United States

Was up early this morning at 7.00am, (Self-training). I covered all Heian and Tekki Shodan. Kenshusei reports handed in 😁. I have access to Sensei's book collection, which is very impressive, so going to take advantage of them whilst I can. 

Training early tomorrow morning with one of Sensei's private students. 




👍33 You, Maya Jagger, Scott Langley and 30 others


Simon Bligh Oh any pictures of the books Just being nosy but very interested.

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Parmajit Bharj Tekki Shodan.... Oh no 😞

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Glenn Riley at WTKO Honbu.

13 March · New York, NY, United States

Apologies, I forgot to update yesterday. Really enjoyed training and going through Kata Gojushiho-Sho. In partner work, I need to keep more relaxed and make the technique flow more. Kizami Zuki: I am leaning forward before executing the technique . All a great learning process. On the plus side, many things are starting to feel much better, although, still much work to do. I will of course be working on these faults when I get home. Spent the rest of today writing reports. It is my day off tomorrow, so up early and Kata practice! I intend to spend the rest of Sunday finishing the written reports off , which in all honesty, am not really enjoying, and knew this prior to starting Kenshusei training. I suppose being out of ones comfort zone has its advantages and disadvantages. Sarah hid this in my suitcase. Always thinking of me, I love it! Xx




👍You, Maya Jagger, Scott Langley and 38 others



Chris Riley Hi Glenn you are a lucky man, nice surprise for you from Sarah. Keep up the good work x Dad

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Edward Ireland What a lovely surprise smile emoticon
Really enjoying your Reports

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Karin Williams Forgetting to update! You must be out enjoying yourself too much! Keep up the good work !

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Jean Riley You are certainly following your dreams Glenn xxxx

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Richard Amos Osu Glen - enjoy your rest today. We have lots of details to work on this coming week, maybe not so physically demanding but the brain will get exercised for sure. All 26 Shotokan kata to be reviewed and discussed plus 7 or 8 Asai sensei kata.

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Glenn Riley Osu Sensei!

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Sandra Carr Aaaaw that's lovely x

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