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Club Gradings 1/12/2012

Gradings took place at Stainbeck Dojo on the 1st December 2012, below is a list of all students who were successful:

Anthony Smith 12 Kyu, Amandeep Singh 12 Kyu, Rajdeep Singh 12 Kyu, Jay Macmillan 12th Kyu, Javon Hamilton 12th Kyu, Esther Smith 12th Kyu, Luz Reed 10th Kyu, Alfie Hollingworth 9th Kyu (temp), Aaron Pitsmith 9th Kyu (temp), David Worsfold 9th Kyu, William Hyde 9th Kyu, Ifan Jones 9th Kyu, Steve Richards 9th Kyu, Leia Worsfold 9th Kyu, Nile Worsfold 9th Kyu, Jaidon Perrett 8th Kyu, Jack Simpson 7th Kyu, Jack Richards 7th Kyu, Karen Cruise 7th Kyu, Nadeem Opall 7th Kyu, Mark Crooke 7th Kyu, Tom Macreath 7th Kyu, Archie Opall 6th Kyu (Temp), Rebecca Crooke 6th Kyu (Temp), Sam Opall 6th Kyu (Temp), Harvey Conn Howard 6th Kyu (Temp), Tom Rennisson 6th Kyu, Lucas Edensor 6th Kyu, Harkiran Bharj 5th Kyu (Temp), Dylan Bharj 5th Kyu (Temp), Hari Patel 5th Kyu, Olivia Cruise 5th Kyu, Alex Dyson-Solowka 5th Kyu, Sarah Riley 5th Kyu, Leon Riley 4th Kyu, Cameron Pearson 4th Kyu, Megan Pounder 4th Kyu, Nathan Wilkinson 3rd Kyu, Shahin Alizadeh T 1st Kyu, James Mallinder 1st Kyu

Well done to the above students who passed gradings.Remember you must attend at least twice per week in order to grade. Osu

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