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Black and brown belt course Nottingham

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On the 14/7/2013 Glenn Sensei along with club members: Mehrdad Kanani, George Turp, and James Mallinder travelled to Nottingham to train on the JKS England black and brown belt Course under the instruction of Alan Campbell Sensei. For warm ups we did Tabata training, 8 repetitions lasting 1 minute with 10 seconds rest in between. Tabata training is very intense and very tiring, each repetition you do has to be 100%.During the warm up we covered: Squats, press ups, sit ups, leg raises (front and side) pair work using Kumite drills with hands, then hands and legs, then sprints using Kumite techniques. The result was a class full of tired, soaked yet eager for more black and brown belts! Kata Gojushiho-Dai and Asai-Ryu Kata Kakuyoku Nidan we also covered with Alan Sensei showing the classes mistakes. I would urge all Akashi students to attend these Courses and not shy away, they are always full of input and always test/ improve your ability.

Pictured from L to R are : Simon Bligh 4th Dan, James Anthony Martin 3rd Dan, Glenn Riley 5th Dan, Steve Carless 5th Dan, and Hans Rana 5th Dan.

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