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Steve Carless Course 24th August 2013

On the 24th August 2013, the Club invited good Friend Steve Carless Sensei (5th Dan JKS) to instruct once again. The first session was for White belt to 4th Kyu ( purple/ white), and the second session for brown and black belts. The first session covered importance of Kihon, correct posture, hip movement, distance, and partner work (Ippon Kumite). After the first class , Steve Sensei presented junior Member Jack Simpson with a trophy for the best trained Student. I would like to thank both Karen Cruise and Scott Haxby for organising this. The second session focused on self defence techniques from various Kata. These techniques were very, very affective ( and very painful!!). Steve Sensei then taught Kata Unsu (Cloud Hands) which happens to be one of the most challenging Shotokan Kata. I would like to thank all Students who attended and I am sure we will be seeing Steve Sensei again very soon. Osu!

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