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Akashi Gradings 14th September 2013

Akashi Shotokan held their Club Gradings on Saturday the 14th September 2013. Over 50 Students took their gradings, and we had some outstanding Performances! The Tigers Class were first to grade and displayed very good technique, the youngest Tiger being only 4 years old! In the Kyu grade class, students were taking grading examinations from White belt to 2nd Kyu ( Brown belt). It seems like Students are finally taking advice and training on a regular basis, this clearly stood out on the day. I would like to congratulate all Students who passed on Saturday, and for the ones who were not successful, try harder next time! Well done to Naoto Yuasa who graded from white belt to 8th Kyu and Karen Cruise who passed her brown belt, well done all!

Keep up the good work!

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