Hans Rana Sensei visits Akashi Shotokan!

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On Saturday 19th October 2013, Hans Rana Sensei 5th Dan JKS , visited Akashi Shotokan to treat students to a three hour course. Karate-ka from : Akashi, Shogai, Kaizen no Michi, Selby, Leeds Shotokan, and Haxby were in attendance. Since joining the JKS I have always looked up to Hans Sensei for his overall ability, his standard of Karate is truly outstanding! The course covered: Kihon, Kata, Kumite, and body conditioning. I would like to thank everyone who attended the course for making it such a success and a very enjoyable day. Lastly I would like to thank Hans Rana Sensei for teaching three hours of inspiring Karate!

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