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JKS National Championships

On the 24th November 2013, Akashi Shotokan travelled to Nottingham to compete in their first National Championships. The event attracted over 800 competitors from England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales. We took a small Squad of 18 competitors from the Club who did remarkably well and supported each other throughout the day. Niall Worsfold ( pictured ) won the 12 years- 15 years Kumite event taking his first major title. Niall is showing great promise as he has secured a medal placing in his last 3 competitions! George Turp won Silver in the individual Kumite event, narrowly missing out Gold to LKA competitor, Oliver Deane. The club came so close to winning other medals with superb performances from Hari Patel and Taylor Issac in the individual Kata and Kumite events. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all club members, Parents, club Committee for all your support on the day.

Full list of Competitors were: Leon Riley, Tyrese Dean, Sam Opall, Archie Opall, Niall Worsfold, David Worsfold, Arad Oustovari, Karen Cruise, Shelly Collinson, George Turp, Alex Dyson-Solowka, Vinny Issac, Jordan Issac, Taylor Issac, Scott Haxby, Jack Simpson, Olivia Cruise, and Hari Patel.

I would also like to thank Mehrdad Kanani and Ian Gallagher for your help refereeing. Osu!

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