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Hans Rana Course 18/1/2014

On Saturday 18th January 2014, Akashi Shotokan were lucky enough to have good friend Hans Rana Sensei instruct at our Dojo. Over 50 students participated in what can be only described as a brilliant day of Shotokan Karate. The course covered Kata, Kihon, Kumite, body conditioning and stretching. Hans Sensei’s unique style of teaching pushed the class from start to finish.

White belt - 4th Kyu (purple/white belt) trained solidly for one hour, working on correct posture, balance, and covering several of the Heian Kata. The Heian Kata were broken down into drill form (Ido-Kihon). At the end of the first class, Hans Sensei presented a trophy to the most outstanding student; congratulations to Vincent Munnelly, very well deserved!

The senior class started with partner work, pushing each other to help increase flexibility and posture. This was followed by body conditioning, Ippon Kumite, Jiyu Ippon Kumite, and finally Jiyu Kumite. The class worked on slow kicking covering Mae-Geri, Mawashi- Geri and Yoko Geri. The kicks were then performed at full speed, many repetitions!

Sochin Kata was then covered. The Kata was again broken into sections and practised with correct speed, concentrating on Waza (technique). Asai Kata Rantai, which is a kicking kata, was then covered. The Kata covers: Mawashi-Geri, Mae-Geri, Ushiro-Geri, Yoko-Geri, and Mae-Tobi-Geri! Obviously after 2 hours of intense training proved very difficult, however, most enjoyable!

The class ended with squats, which again pushed everyone to the limit! The class ended with a most needed stretch. Akashi Shotokan would like to thank Hans Rana Sensei for kindly accepting the invite to instruct and the following clubs for helping this course to be a great success! Haxby, Selby, Shogai, Leeds Shotokan, Kaizen No-Michi, Kick Sheffield, JKS Loughborough, and of course all students from Akashi Shotokan. Osu!

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