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Training with Kosho Kanayama Sensei 7th Dan

On Tuesday the 22nd July, Glenn Sensei along with Gary Green Sensei and Mehrdad Kanani Sensei travelled to Selby to train under JKS Honbu Dojo Instructor kosho Kanayama Sensei 7th Dan JKS. For 90 Minutes we were drilled with pure kihon! One technique after the other, with Sensei pushing the class to the absolute limit.

After 15 minutes, we were drenched with sweat from the intensity of the training and heat. Kanayama Sensei’s fitness level is amazing, everything we did, he also did with so much ease, a truly inspiring instructor. I would like to thank JKS England for making it possible to train with Sensei, and to Paul Brant Sensei of Selby Shotokan for your kind invite. Oss!

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