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Akashi gradings 4th October 2014

On Saturday 4th October, Akashi Shotokan held their last Gradings for 2014 at the new Carr Manor Dojo in Leeds. Over 60 Students turned up to train / Grade, giving the club a new record! 54 Students were successful on the day, and i was very pleased to witness so much improvement since the last Gradings. Club Member Jessica Gaffney narrowly missed out on double grading, which is a great achievement for her. Arad Oustovari was equally impressive and gained the rank of 2nd Kyu, well done!

Overall, all students tried their best, and are a credit to themselves and the club. I would recommend that all students who are 9th Kyu and above, to increase your training to at least twice per week, many students have already made arrangements to do this, gradings do not get easier! You can now purchase the JKS Syllabus on DVD at a cost of £5.00. This DVD has all the Heian Kata, Junro Kata, and advanced Kata Bassai-Dai, Kanku-Dai, Jion, and Empi, plus the Khion and Kumite from 9th Kyu to Nidan. In Future, please can all Akashi students attend the class prior to gradings . This gives support to the club and to those who are taking Examinations.

Lastly, i would like to thank everyone for supporting each other on the day, this was great to see!


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