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JKS England Christmas Course 2014

After training with Shinji Nagaki Sensei on the JKS Christmas course. Pictured: Glenn Sensei, Bram Fisher, Maya Jagger, and Nagaki Sensei.

Traditionally the last event of JKS England’s year is the Christmas course, and 2014 was no exception. The course was held in the superb sports hall at Nottingham’s Djanogly City Academy on Saturday 13th December.

Ninety students from across England and Wales gathered for the course with instructors Alan Campbell 6th Dan JKS and Shinji Nagaki 5th Dan JKS. The groups were split into Kyu grades and Dan grades for two sessions finishing off with a short session with everyone together being led by Nagaki Sensei.

The first Dan grade session saw Nagaki Sensei start with a timing exercise using Oi-tsuki. This seamlessly led onto application of the same principles in Jiyu-Kumite following through to a series of kumite techniques and combinations at various distances leading to take downs. Some kumite conditioning drills were included before the focus was moved to kata. Nagaki Sensei taught Wankan which finished the first session off excellently.

The second Dan grade session kept the intensity high with Alan Sensei leading many repetitions of what seemed like endless leg and hip conditioning drills. The exercises were excellent for students to take back to regular training and incorporate to improve kicking in particular. The session then moved onto partner work with routine to assist in one movement and timing in particular.

The course ended with Nagaki Sensei leading all grades through Bassai-Dai before finishing with some kumite speed drills with different partners. An excellent end to a superb 2014 Christmas course!

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