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Training with Simon Bligh Sensei and Glenn Riley Sensei

On Saturday the 18th April 2015, Akashi members were taken through their paces by Visiting WTKO Instructor Simon Bligh Sensei 4th Dan, and Akashi Chief Instructor Glenn Riley Sensei 5th Dan. The classes were split with Simon Sensei taking the first session, focusing on Gohon Kumite and Keri Waza (kicking techniques). All students worked very hard, and looked exhausted after the first class, a very enjoyable start to a great course!

The Second class was led by Glenn Sensei, focusing on Ido-Kihon, using Tai-Sabaki (body-evasion techniques) and moving on to kicking techniques. Both the combinations were then put together to create a long and very taxing combination! Kata Kibaken Shodan and Tekki Shodan (Kata focusing on Keba-Dachi) was then taught to the black and brown belts. Bunkai was also added to familiarise students with the kata applications in a kumite situation. Akashi Shotokan would like to thank everyone who turned up to train, and to good friend Simon Bligh Sensei for his visit, Osu!

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