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Training with John Mullin Sensei 8th Dan WTKO

On Tuesday the 4th August, John Mullin Sensei, who is the founder of WTKO kindly visited the Akashi Dojo. To have Mullin Sensei at our Dojo was just an unbelievable experience, for those who made the effort to attend, good for you, I am sure you will agree it was very special, for those who did not attend, you honestly missed such a great opportunity. Sensei focused on slow Khion using the core, which was incredibly difficult for all. Heian Shodan was also covered in both classes, again using slow movements.

This particular Kata always proves to be the most difficult. I would like to thank everyone who turned up to support the event, Darren Clayman for your generosity, and to Karen Cruise for organizing Senseiʼs accommodation.

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