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Training with Scott Langley Sensei 6th Dan

On Saturday the 8th August, the Akashi Dojo hosted Scott Langley Sensei 6th Dan. It is always a great pleasure and honour for me to train with my Sensei. I have trained under Scott Sensei many, many times, and each time he impresses me more, and makes me more determined to improve my Karate. His level of Karate is of the highest standard few can reach, technically superb! We did many Tai-sabaki (body evasion) drills, concentrating spinning on both the heel, and ball of foot, whilst maintaining form, then applying it with partner work. Kata “Suishu” - Mizu no te - 'Hands of water' was taught in the 2nd class, along with applications. It is always great to be taught Kata by Scott Sensei, as he pays so much attention to detail. Both classes were very well attended and supported by other Dojos. The highlight of the day was watching the Dan gradings, and seeing 5 Akashi members pass!

Congratulations to Jolana Hanosova, Nadeem Oppal, Archie Oppal, Sam Oppal, and Bram Fisher who all passed Shodan! 5 new WTKO Black belts, our first since joining the WTKO. For the ones who were not successful this time, Scott Sensei is back in January, try again! A black belt should be difficult to achieve, I see many Karate clubs simply give these belts away, and it takes away the whole meaning of this important grade. Train hard, work on your faults and weaknesses, and you will pass next time. For the ones who did pass, your training has just begun!

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