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WTKO Squad Training in Manchester

On Sunday the 18th of July, Akashi members made their way over to train in Manchester. This was an open squad training session covering both Kata and Kumite. Glenn Sensei led the training in the first class covering Heian Shodan which many of the attendees really struggled with. It appears to be an easy Kata, until you start to analyse it in more depth. It is a kata I study most. It is looked upon by many as being very basic, however, that is just the patern of the kata, like Bassai-Dai it gives you the opportunity to practice correct basic form. Which is why Bassai-Dai was taught to the higher grades.

Glenn Sensei explained the importance of standardizing this kata, as many were clearly doing this incorrectly. Bassai-Dai (to storm a fortress) is the first advanced Kata in the Shotokan System. The next session was taught by Nick Keys Sensei and focused on very basic Kumite techniques. The standard of our students in both classes clearly stood out, keep up the good work guys! I would like to thank Ian Gallager Sensei for again showing his refereeing skills.

Akashi members who attended were: Scott Haxby, Ian Gallagher, Jack Gallagher, Bram Fisher, Leon Riley, Maya Jagger, Sam Oppal, Nadeem Oppal, Charlotte Haxby, Harry Patel, Shelly Collinson and Russ Fisher. Thanks to the parents who gave up their Sunday to attend very appreciated!

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