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WTKO Summer Camp 2015

On Wednesday the 29th of July, club members Kirsty Norman, Vicky Jennings and myself traveled from Leeds/Bradford Airport to Dublin to attend the 2015 Summer Camp hosted by Scott Langley Sensei. Course instructors were: Steve Ulb Sensei 8th Dan, John Mullin Sensei 8th Dan, Richard Amos Sensei 7th Dan, Scott Middleton 6th Dan, Scott Langley 6th Dan and Yanti Amos (Yoga Instructor).

The training can only be described as the highest possible level. It was absolutely amazing, to train under these instructors, and all at the same camp was an incredible opportunity. It is very hard to pinpoint exactly what was the highlight of the trip, for me it was the overall experience of landing in Dublin and training with hundreds of Karate-ka from around the world and being a part of such a fantastic event. It was certainly a Karate Rollercoaster!

Well done to Vicky Jennings and Kirsty Norman for training so hard, they came back with bruises to prove it! (more photos are in the gallery). Next years camp will be in New York so start saving now Akashi!!

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