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Angelo Sanna Sensei 6th Dan Referees Course & Training

On Sunday the 6th of September, Angelo Sanna Sensei came to teach at Akashi. The course consisted of a two hour training session then a further two hour study session for Senior Grades on refereeing and judging.

During the first two hours we concentrated on a number of points. Efficiency of movement when stepping either forward or back whilst punching. This involved avoiding unnecessary extra movement that would slow down your technique and warn your opponent of your intention. We then moved on to the best way to deal with a mawash-igeri by not blocking, but instead attacking, either punching or kicking the opponent before the kick fully forms.Finally we were shown how to make basic kihon more interesting by modifying kihon kata using basic kicks, blocks and punches.

The referees course was a less physical part of the day, yet no less demanding. Sanna Sensei went though the WTKO Referee and Judges manual giving examples of terminology, signals and whistle blows. This session was a precursor to a future examination in the next 6 months. If the attendees wanted to sit the exam they would need to study and practice hard over the months ahead.

This was a very successful course extremely well attended, and enjoyed by all. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Sensei Sanna for his excellent instruction, and to thank everyone for attending!

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