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WTKO Leeds Presence at UWK Karate Championships

Sunday the 22nd of November saw Akashi members at Ponds Forge International Sports Centre in Sheffield, a small squad was taken to a very well attended event. It was a great test for our members in this karate open, with many highs and lows. I am so proud of my students and so grateful to parents for giving up their day to support us.

All students who attended did their best and support and team spirit was ever present. The highlight of the day without not appreciating others efforts has to go to Jack Simpson. He had 5 really tough competitors to deal with before he secured a well earned bronze in the individual Kumite event.

I would like to thank Scott Haxby and Ian Gallagher for your great support. Your efforts were so appreciated by our students and myself.

Students who came away with medals were as follows: Jack Simpson bronze in individual Kumite and Charlotte Haxby bronze in individual Kumite.

Well done Jack! 5 great fights, bronze medal!

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