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Kitagawa Sensei teaches at Akashi Dojo

On Saturday the 28th November, the Akashi Dojo hosted Takeshi Kitagawa Sensei . The course was well supported by our members and visiting WTKO Dojo. The first class focused on correct khion, concentrating on weight distribution on the front leg when moving forward, and transferring weight onto the rear leg when moving backwards. Heian Shodan was also taught in the first class. In the second session we focussed on Keri-Waza (kicking techniques). We focused on Mae-Geri, Mawashi-Geri, and Ura-Mawashi-Geri. I am sure everyone was amazed at Sensei’s kicking ability and flexibility. The 3 hours flew by, and it was really sad that we had to end the lesson when we did. We will of course extend the class next time Sensei visits! Sensei was extremely impressed by our standard and Dojo etiquette, this of course made me very proud of you all. Thank you all to everyone who made the effort to attend, and for the ones that did not take advantage, you really did miss out on an incredible day of Karate.

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