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WTKO Christmas Course

On the 11th December 2015, Kirsty Norman, Darren Clayman and myself travelled down to Gloucestershire to train on the WTKO Christmas Course, two days of training with World Chief Instructor Richard Amos Sensei and Scott Langley Sensei.

Saturday morning opening with 1 hour of solid, grueling khion (basics). It was absolutely relentless with one technique after the other at a very fast pace. the next 3 classes (yes i did say 3!!) focused on Khion and Kata concentrating on leading from the core always, and correct preparation of technique. The 4 hours flew by, however, we certainly knew we had trained!!

Sunday class was split again by both Instructors opening with Amos Sensei teaching Bassai-Dai Kata and applications. We then got into groups of three and went through the entire applications which again was a fantastic experience learning from the best! Scott Langley then taught Gyaku-Tsuki No-Kata, again showing correct timings and preparation in order to execute each technique in the correct way. We finished the final two classes concentrating on Kumite. Again relentless drills paying attention to detail with footwork. Day two lasted a total of 4 1/2 hours training! This was my favorite course to date, the tuition from both Richard Amos Sensei and Scott Langley Sensei was amazing, and very inspiring!

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