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Changes to Akashi Dojo Classes

Monday classes will now be spilt. In one class White belts and Orange belts, in the other Red and Yellow. I am sure all will welcome this and agree it is definitely the way forward for our junior students to progress. Grading syllabus and Kata will be taught every session. It will be then up to your child to concentrate in class!!

In the 5pm-6pm class, Kihon, Kumite (5 Step) and Kata up to Heian Nidan will be taught. In the

Tuesday classes, Kihon, Kumite, and Kata up to Heian Godan-Tekki Shodan.

Thursdays will have a mixture, however, i want this class to mostly be a Kumite class to help everyone reach competition success.

The Saturday classes will cover all aspects of Karate. The 1pm-2.30pm class will go more into depth focussing on correct Kihon and Kata Practice. The 2.30pm-3.00pm class will cover advanced Kata.

Please can all black and brown belts attend both classes on a Saturday (1pm-3.00pm).

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