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First WTKO Black & Brown Belt Course

On Sunday January 24, 2016 the first WTKO GB Black & Brown Belt Course took place at the Akashi Dojo in Leeds. Instructing were senior WTKO instructors Glenn Riley Sensei 5th Dan and Simon Bligh Sensei 4th Dan.

The first class focused on kicking techniques, compression in stance and the WTKO black and brown belt syllabus. Leading the first session was Simon Sensei who really worked the class hard, getting maximum effort from all.

The second session was taken by Glenn Sensei who started the class of with Ido-Kihon, covering the kata Heian Godan into the drill. The kata was then taught in depth covering many important aspects including compression in stances, correct hip movement and maximising technique.

Kanku-Dai was then taught, again breaking the kata down and doing many repetitions of the same technique with partners.

It was great to see many students traveling from Lancaster, Norfolk, Preston, Manchester, Lincoln and Scotland... many thanks to everyone that attended, this was greatly appreciated.

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