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Open course with Glenn Riley, Simon Bligh and Gabriel Van Rei

On Saturday the 16th April, Akashi Shotokan hosted 3 Instructors on the same day, a first at our Dojo. Instruction came from Glenn Riley Sensei, Simon Bligh Sensei 5th Dan, and Gabriel Van Rel-Sensei.

First session was taken by Glenn Sensei who started the day off with some challenging foot work, stepping backwards, angle changing, then finally driving forward using a variety of blocks incorporating the use of Hanme and Gyakyu-Hanme.

Glenn Sensei, a new graduate of the WTKO Kenshusei course then showed some flowing Gohon-Kumite drills he was taught during his stay at the WTKO Honbu Dojo in New York, under the watchful eye of World Chief Instructor Richard Amos Sensei. Assisted by Gabriel Sensei, the drills were shown how important is to work with your partner, rather than just look for a point. The importance of staying connected with each other during the drill was also explained in detail. Glenn Sensei finished the class by teaching the Asai Kata Junro Yondan. A very challenging Kata, with its many angle changes and Tai-Sabaki movements.

The next session was immediately taught by Simon Bligh Sensei, who started the class off with a little fun time for our junior grades, before going on to explain the Okinawan style of Gojo-Ryu. Simon Sensei explained in great detail the history of Karate, and the differences in both styles. The class were shown conditioning drills and taken through many Gojo-Ryu Kumite drills with partners. An interesting class for everyone!

he final class of the day was led by Gabriel Van-Rel Sensei (3rd Dan). Gabriel Sensei has great Karate, and is well known for his flexibility and fluid movement. Gabriel Sensei effortlessly showed how to get maximum distance during kumite, again with many drills by use of a partner. Punches and kicks were taught by Gabriel Sensei using compression on the front and rear leg when driving forward and backward. An extremely enjoyable class which past far too quickly.

The Akashi Dojo would like to thank both Simon Sensei and Gabriel Sensei for your visit and excellent tuition.

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