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My Kenshusei Journey by Glenn Riley (access full posts through the about us menu > Glenn's Ne

On March 1, I traveled to New York to begin the Kenshusei Course under WTKO World Chief Instructor Richard Amos Sensei. I stayed for the entire month, and lived at the Honbu Dojo.

My aim was to be the best Kenshusei I could be. I wanted to totally give 100% to what I chose to do. I knew that the duties would be carried out, both inside and outside the Dojo. I was totally focused and wanted nothing more than to throw myself into the course.

I wanted to keep everyone updated with my training, whether it be highs or lows, this is the result. Here are the posts taken from my Facebook group 'My Kenshusei Journey' along with the reactions, and support shown by peers, family and friends (which I have included). It meant a lot guys! I wanted this to be an honest blog, which it is!

I wish to thank Scott Langley Sensei for having the faith in me to do this, to Simon Bligh Sensei for all your support, and to Richard Amos Sensei for accepting me onto the course and my students for looking after my Dojo! Lastly to my ever supportive Wife and Son, thank you x

Osu Glenn

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