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WTKO Children's Competition 2016

A Saturday the May 6, 2016 Akashi Shotokan hosted their 2nd children's championship at the Carr Manor Dojo in Leeds. Clubs from: Edinburgh, Dundee, Preston, Lancaster, Lincoln and Norfolk were in attendance. EKF National Team member Emelye O'Brien (who is the current English Individual Kumite Champion, English Team Kumite Champion, European Kumite Champion) presented the medals on the day.

It is very difficult indeed to highlight the best performance on the day as their were simply too many! From our tigers grades to our more experienced Dan grades, we certainly dominated the event, as a club we took (6 Gold, 6 Silver and 5 Bronze medals).

Pictured with Emele O'Brien and Glenn Sensei is Kai Yuasa who won the Individual Kata event, and gained Silver in the Individual Kumite event. Kai was also presented with best overall competitor, and received the Randy Williams Cup. At just 7 years of age, Kai is a great role model for all juniors.

For our juniors who took part in their first ever competition on Saturday: It takes great courage to walk onto the tatami (competition area), sometimes there are of course high and lows, and it is the taking part and experience that is so important. The Akashi camaraderie on the day was so impressive, everyone supported each other so well, we as a club should feel very proud, I certainly am!

Thank you to: Ian Gallagher who was our chief referee, Scott Haxby for providing the medals, Becky Gallagher for organising the food and refreshments for our officials, and Jenny Cameron for taking photos of the event. Karen Cruise, Kathryn Haxby, Amy Yuasa, Shelly Collinson, Kirsty Norman,

Steve King, Colin Needham, Jonathan Huddleston, Andrea Carbon, and to all Akashi members and parents for all your help and support.

Well done All!

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