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FEKO Childrenʼs and Cadets National Championships June 2016

On Sunday 12th June, we took a small Squad to Compete at the FEKO Championships held at Ponds Forge International Sports Centre in Sheffield. The Competitors were: Charlotte Haxby, Tonicka Virdee, Jack Gallagher, Hari Patel, Kai Yuasa, and Holly Burns-Danforth. It is very difficult to highlight which was the best part of the day as it was overall incredible,we brought home a total of 8 medals! The results are as follows:

Charlotte Haxby: Gold (FEKO Cadet National, Individual Kumite Champion), Hari Patel: Gold (FEKO Childrenʼs National, Individual Kumite Champion) Silver in the Team Kumite event. Kai Yuasa: Gold (FEKO Childrenʼs National Individual Kumite Champion) Bronze in the Individual Kata event. Holly Burns Danforth: Silver in the Team, Kumite event, Bronze in the Individual Kumite event.Tonicka Virdee: Bronze in the Individual Kumite event.

I am sure all will agree, this is an outstanding achievement by our Junior members, well done! For those who now wish to compete on a regular basis, I would like you to purchase both Kumite and Kata Dogi. Presentation is everything in competition, and I want everyone to now look the part! Dogi can be purchased from me.

The spirited Kai Yuasa Kai Yuasa has medalled in almost every Competition he has entered. A fantastic future for this little Karate-Ka! Kai Yuasa enjoying 1st place! Where you belong Hari Patel! Great efforts in class pay off. Hari works extremely hard, and the club and its members are very proud of you. Holly Burns-Danforth enjoying Competition success! Holly pictured far left collecting a Silver medal in the Individual Kumite event. Holly continues to work hard in class and is a regular competitor for the club.Well done! Charlotte Haxby! Well after screaming at her at the side of the Tatami (Competition area) this was the result!! Charlotte has medalled in all competitions securing many 1st placings. Charlotte had a very aggressive opponent who used a flurry of punches, forcing her out of the fighting area. Charlotte composed herself and changed her fighting tactics and delivered a very nice Jodan Kick (Head Kick), to help her on her way to becoming FEKO National Cadet Individual Kumite Champion! Well done!

A very proud Instructor pictured with Tonicka Virdee and Charlotte Haxby Tonicka Virdee continues to work hard in class and is a regular medal winner in Competition. Tonicka secured a Bronze medal in the Individual Kumite event which is a fantastic achievement. Well done! Jack Gallagher: Jack unfortunately missed out on a medal, however, he continues to support events and work hard in class. Competition is about gaining experience, and I am sure Jack will only go from strength to strength. Its about taking part, and supporting team mates, Jack certainly does a great job of this! The support from all our Parents is outstanding and I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone of you, it is greatly appreciated!

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