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A.S.K.A First Black and Brown Belt Course and Dan Grading October 2016

On Sunday the 9th October 2016, the Akashi Dojo held our first black and brown belt course as an Association. The course was very well attended by our members, which was greatly appreciated. In the first session we covered a combination of attacks using oi-zuki, juji-uke, tate-uraken gyaku mawashiempi, ushiro uraken, oi-zuki, and the defense techniques consisting of jodan juji-uke, gyaku mawashi empi, tai-sabaki, nagashiuke, soto-uke, tai-sabaki yoko empi.

Both combinations were performed in Ido-Kihon, and then with partners, which proved to be very taxing!! Yoko geri Kekomi was then practiced executing the kick from Kosa- Dachi, concentrating on returning to the correct position each time. The kick was then practiced using the aid of a bench, making sure the knee was brought up to the correct height, and of course returned correctly (hike-ashi). We then focused on Mawashi- Geri (round kick), focussing using correct form,bringing the kicking knee up, rather than kicking from the floor, utilising the hips, and flexing the supporting leg. Kata Enpi was then taught in the second half of the class, breaking the Kata down and focussing on correct timing and Kime.

After 3 hours of training, 7 Akashi members prepared themselves for the grueling Dan examination ahead of them. The grading lasted 65 minutes! For all candidates, this was nonstop Kihon, Kata, and Kumite, with many really feeling the pressure of this grading.

For those who are thinking of taking this exam, prepare yourselves and put the hours in the Dojo! Gradings always have highs and lows , the highs are of course passing students, and the lows are telling a student they have not been successful on this occasion. Many congratulations to those who passed, and to those who were not successful on this occasion, train harder, and come back stronger next time, you will achieve your goals, do not give up....ever!

Congratulations to the following new Shodans: Richard Crossland, Kai Yuasa, Eros Michael Bergonio, Tom Macbeth and new Nidan, Charlotte Kent.

Congratulations from all at A.S.K.A

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