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FEKO National Championships September 2016

On Sunday the 18th September, we took avery small squad to compete at the FEKO National Championships, held in Sheffield. I can honestly say it is one of the highest standard Competitions I have attended.

The Kata and Kumite events were an extremely high standard, and very well attended. out of the squad of only 8 members, we managed to bring home 3 Silver and 1 Gold! Tonicka Virdee made her debut in the team kumite rotation, which is a very exciting event, where the same competitor can fight all 3 team members one after the other!

The first medal of the day was won by Shelly Collinson in the individual Kumite event. Shelly managed to secure a very well deserved silver medal. The next medal was won by Hari Patel, again Silver in the Kumite event. Hari has now medalled in his last two Competitions! The next two medals were won by Tonicka Virdee (Gold and Silver) in the team Kumite and team rotation kumite events.

All Akashi members who made the effort to compete did themselves and our Dojo proud, well done! Please can i ask that others support these events, as i know, had we taken a larger squad, the medal haul would have been great. Full list of competitors were: Kirsty Norman, Shelly Collinson, Vinny Isaac, Taylor Iaac, Jordan Isaac, Tonicka Virdee, Seetal Roth, and Hari Patel.

Many thanks to Ian Gallagher Sensei for your efforts on the day Refereeing, and to those who came along to give your support.

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