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John Gardener Sensei visits Akashi Dojo September 2016

On Saturday the 10th September 2016, the Akashi Dojo was very pleased to host Sensei John Gardiner 3rd Dan. John is a very highly skilled Kata Competitor, who has been many, times British, European, and World Champion.

Both classes were full of detail, and the instruction was simply brilliant. All who attended had a great day of Karate, and due to students wishing to have John Sensei back, we can now say he is booked already for January 2017!

Kata Heian Godan was taught in the first session, followed by Kata Empi in the second. Both Kata were broken down, and bunkai was also explained and practiced with partners. This was our first course as our new association, and I can honestly say, one of the best to date!

Group photo with KYU Grades

Group photo with Senior Grades

Thank you to all who attended, and many thanks to our karate friends outside the Akashi Dojo for supporting this event.

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