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WTKO Summer Camp Staten Island, New York 2016

A very fast paced Kumite class with Richard Amos Sensei

This years Summer Camp was held at Staten Island, New York (28th to the 31st of July). Akashi Members: Darren Clayman, Kirsty Norman, Vicky Jennings, and Glenn Sensei made the journey over to train under Chief Instructor Richard Amos, Technical Director Steve Ubl, Chairman John Mullin, General Secretary Scott Middleton, WTKO GB and Ireland technical director Scott Langley, and Yoga Instructor Yanti Amos. The classes were split into 3: Kyu grades, Shodan to Sandan, then Yondan and above. The Instruction was simply awesome, and all soaked up input form some of the best instructors in the World today. Next years Summer Camp is to be held in Germany. As always, the Summer Camp holds an friendly international Competition. The Akashi Dojo are delighted to announce that Kirsty Norman gained Silver in the Individual Kumite event, losing to a more experienced competitor whom graded for Godan (5th Dan) whilst on the Camp. I am sure all will congratulate Kirsty on a job well done.

Summer Camp Instructors

WTKO Chief Instructor Richard Amos Sensei

WTKO Instructor Yanti Amos Sensei

WTKO Instructors Scott Langley Sensei and Scott Middleton Sensei

The amazing Steve Ubl Sensei

Individual Silver Kirsty Norman

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