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Akashi KYU Club Grading November 2016

On Saturday the 19th November, we held the last Kyu gradings for 2016. Although many of our members were not present, we still had a great attendance on the day. I wish to congratulate all our members on your great achievements! Keep up the great work, and continue to train hard.

Our next Kyu gradings are to take place in March 2017. Due to very high numbers, we may structure the day slightly differently next time in order to accommodate our members better. Thank you to all the Parents / students for making this such a special event. It certainly makes me feel proud when I hear the cheers from everyone as our members walk out with their new, deserved belts.

For those who are 1st Kyu, and have been this grade for 6 months, we are holding Dan gradings (black belt) in January / February 2017!

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