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Akashi hosts WUKF World Champion Kat Fewster February 2017

On February 4th 2017 we hosted Kat Fewster Sensei, who is a WUKF World Champion. We had many junior beginners in class, who were a little intimidated by the thought of being taught by a visiting instructor. Kat Sensei made them feel at ease, spending a little time individually with them, which they loved!

Many useful techniques were taught today: loading the front leg and back for correct delivery on offensive and defensive techniques. How to vary an attack with angle changes and varying kicking techniques.

Kat Sensei progressed from single and double techniques to multiple attacks, this built up everyones confidence immensely.

Many thanks to all who attended today, and I sincerely thank those who made contributions towards the cost. We have hosted two World champions this year, and we are only in February! The feedback from the course has been great , A.S.K.A members certainly want another visit!

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