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ASKA has two New Shodans!

Many Congratulations to Claire Crossland and Tonicka Virdee who have recently passed Shodan (black belt). I am sure all will agree, both train seriously hard and always give 100%. Tonicka is a regular competitor for A.S.K.A and has medalled in a number of major events. Tonicka continues to show improvement, her reward for the hard work she puts into her training. Claire has given

100% since starting her training, and her technique is a credit to her commitment to her training. Claireʼs attendance is outstanding and trains at least 3 times per week, every week! Many congratulations from all at A.S.K.A!

let me take the opportunity to mention Thursday’s Kumite Classes. All black and brown belts are encouraged to attend the Thursdays Kumite classes at our Carr Manor Dojo. Kumite plays a huge part in our Karate development, and without this training, the student simply cannot progress. Purely attending Thursdays without attending our Kihon, Kata classes, same rules apply. If you are 1st Kyu and hoping to to take your Shodan in the future , you are required to attend on a regular basis. Unfortunately, if 1st Kyu grades fail to attend, then you will not be eligible to grade. The three K’s consist of Kihon, Kata, and Kumite. If you are not practicing all three, you are not practicing Karate. The Thursday classes are exciting, tough, hard work, and certainly one of my favorite! These sessions are indeed becoming very popular with our members. If there are any Parents who are looking for a great workout, look no further!

Many thanks for your continued support, many thanks for making Akashi Shotokan such a fantastic group. Oss Glenn Sensei

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