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Profile: Glenn Riley 6th Dan

Glenn Riley is a full time Instructor who runs three dojos in Leeds. He started training in the art of Shotokan Karate in 1985 aged 15. Glenn now has 33 Years experience and has trained and graded under some of the most senior and successful karate instructors in the world. 


In his quest for more knowledge, Glenn has trained with:

Andy Sherry 9th Dan KUGB, Norman Robinson 8th Dan JKS, Antonio Seba 8th Dan, Keith Gullen 7th Dan JKS, Bob Rhodes 8th Dan KUGB, Dave Hazard 7th Dan ASK, Frank Brennan 7th Dan KUGB, Gary Harford 7th Dan KUGB, Aiden Trimble 7th Dan FSK, Jeff Westgarth 7th Dan ASK, Richard Amos 7th Dan WTKO, Randy Williams 6th Dan KUGB, Alan Campbell 6th Dan JKS, Paul Giannandrea 6th Dan JKS, Scott Langley 6th Dan WTKO, and Matt Price 6th Dan JKS.


Japanese Instructors trained with: Enoeda 9th Dan JKA, Kato 9th Dan IJKA, Kagawa 8th Dan JKS, Yamaguchi 7th Dan JKS, Kanayama 7th Dan JKS, Kitagawa 6th Dan JKS, and Nagaki Sensei 5th Dan JKS. 


Glenn is a former Student of Bob Rhodes 7th Dan and the late Randy Williams 6th Dan. He has competed in both Kata and Kumite and is a former British Champion, winning the Karate England National Championships in 2009. 


In August 2011, he took the big step to open his own dojo, starting with just 5 students. Akashi Shotokan Karate Club has become one of the largest clubs in West Yorkshire, with over 200 members. He continues to work hard on a daily basis to ensure the highest standard of karate is maintained for both his students and himself.


Most memorable achievements: Graded to Sandan under Enoeda Sensei, graded to Godan under Kagawa Sensei.

Most Inspiring Instructors: Senseis Kato, Kagawa, Yamaguchi, Langley, and Nagaki.





1985 Started karate

1990 Bury Open Senior Kumite 3rd

1991 Bury Open Senior Kumite 2nd

1991 AKA North Open Men’s Team Kumite 1st

1993 Graded to Shodan under Jeff Westgarth

1995 Graded to Nidan under Jeff Westgarth

1995 Sheffield Open Senior Male Kata 1st

1997 KUGB Nationals Men’s Team Kumite 3rd

1998 KUGB Northern Regions Men’s Team Kumite 2nd

1999 Graded to Sandan under Enoeda Sensei

1999 Competed for Leeds in Hamburg 

2005 Instructor Qualification (KUGB)

2006 Graded to Yondan under Frank Brennan and Andy Sherry 

2008 Yorkshire Open Senior Male Kata 1st

2008 Yorkshire Open Men’s Team Kata 1st

2008 KUGB Northern Regional Championships Team Kata 1st

2009 Yorkshire Open Senior Male Kata 1st

2009 Yorkshire Open Senior Male 35+ Kata 1st

2009 KUGB Northern Regions Men’s Team Kumite 3rd

2009 Karate England National Championships: Senior Male All Styles Kata 1st

2011 WKC British Open Senior Male Kata 1st

2011 WKC British Open Senior Male 35+ Kata 1st

2011 WKC National Championships Senior Male Kata 1st

2011 Founded Akashi Shotokan Karate Club

2011 MAI Open Championships, All Styles Kata 1st

2012 Became a full time karate instructor

2012 Joined the JKS

2012 Appointed KYU Grade Examiner by the JKS

2013 Graded to Godan under Kagawa Sensei

2015 Joined the WTKO

2015 Appointed WTKO GB Kata Coach

2016 Graduated from WTKO Kenshusei Course:

under Richard Amos Sensei (26/03/16):

(awarded C Class Examiner (Dan Examiner),

C Class Instructor, C Class Judge)

2017 Appointed FEKO National Coach (29/01/17)

2019 NEIO Championships Individual Veterans Kata: Bronze, Individual Veterans Kumite: Silver, Team Kumite: Silver

2019 Awarded 6th Dan by KKO Kenshin Karate Organisation

2019 STO Championship: Kata Gold (02/06/19).

2022 Appointed AKA GB Assistant Squad Coach

2023 WUKF World Championships Individual Kata - Bronze

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