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Selby Competition

On the 5th May 2013, we had 16 members from the club compete at the Selby “novice” Competition. This competition is designed for Karate-Ka who have no or very little competition experience. All who took part were are credit to both themselves and Akashi Shotokan. Most notable results were from Niall Worsfold who showed great courage as he was against many brown and black belts. Not fazed in the slightest, Niall went on to secure a very well deserved 3rd place (bronze), not bad for an 8th Kyu! Leon Riley won 3 fights with ease, showing great movement and determination on the tatami (fighting area). Sadly Leon received a heavy Chudan kick which resulted in him receiving first aid. Leon went back onto the fighting area which showed great courage and continued the fight. Leon lost to a much bigger opponent , however this was Leon’s debut, a fantastic effort gaining 5th place! Alex Dyson-Solowka was on very good form taking many of his opponents by surprise with fast punching combinations. Alex is training all the time and it looks like the extra training is certainly paying off, a well deserved 4th place! I would like to congratulate all students who took part and supported each other, the team spirit was outstanding! I would like to thank all parents who came along to offer your support, Nadeem Oppal and Karen Cruise for arranging transport, I am sure you had a most enjoyable day! Well done all!

Pic 2: Niall Worsfold with Glenn Sensei, after winning bronze in the individual Kumite event.

Pic 3: Leon Riley in action in the individual Kumite event.

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