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Akashi Grading August 6, 2022

On Saturday the 6th August 2022 a total of 42 students took examinations. The standard was very high, and a total of 9 actually double-graded! The Akashi grading Syllabus has been updated since we joined AKA Great Britain, so our members seriously had to work in order to gain a pass. We always say that a student only gets out what they put in, so constant hard work is required in order to reach that next level. Josh James who joined the Akashi Dojo in 2017 successfully passed his Shodan ( black belt ) on the day of exams.

This was without doubt the hardest brown and black belt grading to date. Josh now joins his Sister Jenifer and the rest of our black belts raising our standards as always and setting an example to our lower grades. Congratulations to all who successfully passed, and a huge well done from all at the Akashi Dojo.

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