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JKS Black and Brown Belt Course 23/03/2014

The JKS Course held in Nottingham today was simply fantastic! Course Instructors were Alan Campbell Sensei 6th Dan and Shinji Nagaki Sensei 5th Dan. The first half of the session was taken by Nagaki Sensei, taking the class through the importance of hip movement, and lowering stances in sequence. This was followed by Keri-Waza (kicking techniques) again making full use of the hips. We worked with partners for many drills, my partner as always, the talented Hans Rana Sensei 5th Dan JKS.

A short break was then followed by dan gradings , in which club member James Mallinder was awarded Shodan! The second half was then split with Alan Sensei taking Shodan and below, and Nagaki Sensei taking Nidan and above. Unsu Kata was the theme for today’s training, and Nagaki Sensei’s skill in showing the Kata was simply breathtaking! I would like to thank both Alan Sensei and Nagaki Sensei for a brilliant course, Osu!

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