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Training with Takashi Yamaguchi Sensei 7th Dan

On the 25th March 2014, Club Members Mehrdad Kanani, Ian Gallagher, Shelly Collinson, Gary Green, and Leon Riley, travelled to Train with Yamaguchi Sensei 7th Dan JKS. The course was a sell out, with many of JKS England’s most senior grades in attendance. The training was none stop from start to finish covering many spinning techniques using Uraken, Empi-Uche, Keri-Waza. Kata Heian Yondan was covered first with Yamaguchi Sensei choosing club member Leon Riley to perform. Leon was extremely nervous as Sensei corrected him on every technique, Well done Leon for coping under great pressure. Empi Kata was then taught showing the finer points, with Yamaguchi Sensei demonstrating the Kata for the class.

I would like to thank JKS England for organising a brilliant event and to the LKA for the invite, Osu!

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