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Scott Langley Seminar, May 23, 2015

On Saturday the 23rd May , Akashi Shotokan were very lucky to host Scott Langley Sensei 6th Dan, who is the technical director for both WTKO GB and Ireland. We had a great turn out of students who were eager to train under this truly fantastic Karate-ka. I can honestly say that Akashi Shotokan provide the very best instruction around today!

Khion, Kumite, and Kata were taught on the day, covering how to execute and prepare technique correctly. Scott Sensei explained the importance of contraction and expansion, and relaxing more in order to deliver a better technique. The course also covered many partner drills applying Uraken, Empi, Gedan Barai, Mae-Geri, Yoko-Geri, Mawashi-Geri, attacking with Gyaku-Tsuki, meeting the attacks with Kizami-Tsuki, Uraken, and Osi-Uke-Kura-Tsuki.

We finished the class with Heian Sandan after a very difficult floor exercise! Scott Sensei was very impressed by the standard of Akashi Shotokan, a true indication of all our students commitment and hard work! Scott Sensei is back in August, so if you missed out this time, this is your chance!

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