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WTKO GB Children's Competition June 20, 2015

Our first WTKO GB Children's Championships took place today at the Akashi Dojo in Leeds. It was a very well run event with some really outstanding competitors, too many to name! The end result: A fantastic day enjoyed by all who entered!

A special mention to Charlotte Haxby, who was presented with best overall competitor, Jodie Carr, who was presented with the Randy Williams cup, and not forgetting Rebeka Timar (Sanjo), who fought so well today, a very brave individual with the heart of a lion!!

Thank you to WTKO Scotland who set off in the very early hours to support the event, very well done in the team event guys, and your excellent performances throughout today. Thank you to Colin Needham Sensei for providing mats, to Ian Gallagher Sensei for the truly professional decisions you made today, it was a pleasure to mirror, and learn from you. To all the parents who supported us today, Simon Bligh Sensei for making it easy to work with you as always, to Kirsty Norman, Scott Haxby, Kathryn Haxby, Sandra Carr, John Carr and to everyone else who contributed to this success.

Lastly, I would like to congratulate my Son Leon Riley, who led his team Kata to victory! A proud father, a proud member of WTKO!

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