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Akashi Shotokan Karate Club becomes A.S.K.A September 2016

Akashi Shotokan Karate Club becomes an independent association as of September 2016 and will now be known as Akashi Shotokan Karate Association or A.S.K.A. (we are no longer affiliated to the WTKO).

The New Akashi Licences have been designed and should be printed and with us shortly. For those whose Licences are due to expire: Please bring along £10 to your next class and give your name and fee to Kirsty Norman. As soon as the new Licences arrive, you will be issued with a one.

The Insurance stays the same as we are still very much part of FEKO. All classes, fees, remain exactly the same, nothing changes at the Dojo, apart from the name. Our new club logo features the Shotokan tiger, patches for Gi, Over Gi (tracksuit tops) and training bags have also been ordered.

Many thanks to Britt Jagger for your time and design skills.

As always, I wish to thank everyone for their constant support and hard work, it is greatly appreciated. I am proud to lead such an enthusiastic group, and I know we can only go from strength to strength.

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