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FEKO Squad Training & Selections for UWK & WUKF European Championships October 2016

On Sunday the 30th October 2016, FEKO held their Squad training and selections in Wolverhampton. In attendance were club members: Ian Gallagher, Kirsty Norman, Kai Yuasa, Tonicka Virdee and Myself. Squad training was split into two with Kata and Kumite running side by side. I am delighted to announce that Shelly Collinson, Kirsty Norman, and myself have been selected to represent FEKO at the next UWK Championships being held in Sheffield later this month. Shelly Collinson has also been selected to compete at the next WUKF European Championships in Romania! This is a great achievement for the Akashi Dojo, and i am certainly very proud of all, well done! A special mention to Kai Yuasa and Tonicka Virdee who continue to do well, and work hard in class, you have a great Karate future ahead of you.

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