My Kenshusei Journey: Week 3

Glenn Riley at WTKO Honbu.

14 March 路 New York, NY, United States

Early morning training completed. Kumite drills using ankle weights followed by Kata Heian Nidan and applications (with eyes closed!!). Analyzing Oi-Zuki after class (actually updating my blog), I asked Sensei a question regarding connection in technique. Well the question was certainly answered!!




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Richard Amos Keep the questions coming Glen, I need the practice too!

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Glenn Riley at WTKO Honbu.

14 March 路 New York, NY, United States

I feel very lucky to have Richard Amos Sensei instructing me everyday.  Last class was a one on one covering: Heian Shodan, Nidan, Sandan, Yondan, Godan and Kata Senka. 




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Glenn Riley

15 March 路 New York, NY, United States

Morning coffee before training . With Richard Amos Sensei and Yanti Amos.


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Andrea 'Sam' Carbon Great picture! 馃槂

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Yanti Amos Getting better at selfies 馃槈

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Glenn Riley at WTKO Honbu.

15 March 路 New York, NY, United States

One to one morning training finished. An excellent informative session warming up with Tekki Shodan, Nidan, and Sandan, then moving onto Jion, Empi, and Kanku-Dai.


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Richard Amos Bassai dai too!

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Glenn Riley Osu, and Bassai-Dai 馃槂

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Glenn Riley

15 March 路 New York, NY, United States

Had a great afternoon teaching 2 classes at a School, I loved every minute.


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Zack Stewart Now that class was fun...the one before though... 馃榾

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Glenn Riley Osu Zack. I may have caught them on a good day 馃榾

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Glenn Riley at WTKO Honbu.

16 March 路 New York, NY, United States

Another great class this evening. Reps of Ido-Kihon concentrating on blocks and kicks, partner work, then working on Heian Shodan which always tests everyone! Great to finish on Bassai-Sho.


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Glenn Riley at WTKO Honbu.

16 March 路 New York, NY, United States


馃憤1 Frank Herrmann


Mark Davy Ohhh that's a belter!!

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Glenn Riley at WTKO Honbu.

16 March 路 New York, NY, United States

A frustrating day! Trained 2 classes yesterday , and taught 2 children's classes and felt fine. Woke up this morning to this beauty! Lower leg and ankle bruised and swollen . Maybe Tekki Kata sat down is on the cards for today 馃榾


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Yanti Amos So sorry about this Sensei 馃槥

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Glenn Riley Yanti, it's Karate 馃榾

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Jessica Quaresma Now I know you're weakness Sensei Glenn... I can't wait to partner with you tomorrow night...::evil laugh::

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Glenn Riley All your fault Jessica 馃槣

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Richard Amos What did you do to him Q?

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Yanti Amos Is the arnica working?

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Chris Riley 馃槼

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Chris Riley Ouch Glenn I have the John Smith's ready for you keep going x Dad

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Edward Ireland Hope it's not bad Mate take Care, Arnica is very good 馃榾

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Glenn Riley Osu Edward, 
Not bothered about the bruise, its more annoying than anything 馃憤

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Edward Ireland Yeah mate your brill, mate keep up the hard work smile emoticon
I cant wait to train with you and get myself sorted

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Russ Fisher Ice and elevate Glenn sensei. Hope you can still move on it.

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Steve King Ouch the wounds of battle and the testimony of the effort that you have exerted . Take good care Glenn Sensei

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Sarah Craske Riley 馃槼

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Richard Amos Don't worry Sarah - we're looking after him!

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Andrea 'Sam' Carbon Ouch! Looks like you'll be using a lot of freeze spray. Hopefully arnica will work its magic. Ice, elevate, ice, elevate! Keep on keeping on bro. You're doing awesome! 馃憡

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Jean Riley Looks painful but will be frustrating for you not to train take care xxxxx Mum

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Sandra Carr Bet you can't wait to get home for a loving massage xx

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Glenn Riley at WTKO Honbu.

17 March 路 New York, NY, United States

Morning training done. Emphasis on distance in partner work, working on Kizami Zuki, Gyaku Zuki , and Mae geri. Finished with Kata Nijushiho.


馃憤24 You, Maya Jagger, Scott Langley and 21 others


Sarah Craske Riley Emphasis on "distance"?! 馃槢

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Glenn Riley Osu Sarah 馃榾

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Glenn Riley Amended Sarah 馃榾

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Glenn Riley at WTKO Honbu.

18 March 路 New York, NY, United States

Early morning training done. Ido-Kihon, partner work, and Ippon Kumite. Since starting Kenshusei training, I have also been educated in what exactly is good Coffee by Sensei. Things are going to change when i arrive back in the UK Sarah 馃榾. Looking forward to having lunch with Takeshi Kitagawa Sensei on Sunday  馃榾


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Sarah Craske Riley Looking forward to you making me the best coffee on your return! 鈽曪笍馃構x

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Richard Amos Now you have to sell that new car, buy a grinder, scales, a timer, fresh beans (roasted within a week) and an espresso machine!

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Sarah Craske Riley Ahhhhh! So that's what it takes????? Maybe the freeze dried stuff isn't so bad!!! 馃槣 #SelfPreservationSociety 馃殬

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Simon Bligh Well that's great news. I like my coffee

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Steve King Can't beat a great coffee

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Andrea 'Sam' Carbon I will go a long way for good coffee.

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Jenny Cameron mmm me too Andrea. I think a coffee appreciation lesson from Glenn Sensei would be in order (maybe with a dough-nut?)

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Andrea 'Sam' Carbon Absolutely Jenny. That would go down very well indeed.

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Glenn Riley at WTKO Honbu.

18 March 路 New York, NY, United States

A fantastic one on one Kata class with Sensei. Definitely my favourite so far. Was lucky enough to be taken through: Gojushiho-Sho, Gojushiho-Dai, Jitte, Ji'in, Kanku-Sho, Bassai-Sho, Tekki Shodan, Tekki Nidan, Tekki Sandan, and Chinte.


馃憤You, Maya Jagger, Scott Langley and 37 others


Steve King My god that's a awful lot to go through your brain must be busting. But what an experience

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Glenn Riley Brain is busting Steve. However, an amazing experience!

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Ernst Brims酶e Wow-that's a kata masterclass 馃榾

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Steve King I can imagine it is I know what being in a 2 hour class with Sensei Richard is like but what you are doing is totally awesome and very inspiring

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Angelo Sanna I wish we did that at the International Seminars

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Angeline Kua Agree

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Zack Stewart Chinte, my favorite!

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Richard Amos Osu Glen, don't forget there are some things in chinte you cannot share with some people for a few years!

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Angelo Sanna ????????????????????????????????

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Ash Hawkes yes Glenn, as Sensei says, the disclosure of such details are very particular and specific...Integrity and discretion are paramount my friend 馃槈

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Glenn Riley Osu Richard Amos Sensei.

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