My Kenshusei Journey: Week 4

Glenn Riley with Richard Amos and Takeshi Kitagawa

20 March 路 New York, NY, United States

Final week of Kenshusei training at the WTKO Honbu Dojo in New York. Although I still have a week left, the training has been incredible, intense, and very rewarding. I have missed my family terribly, and I will miss everyone at the WTKO Honbu and Earth Yoga.


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Janet Harrison It won't be long now Glenn as your dad said the John Smiths is waiting xxx

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Glenn Riley

20 March 路 New York, NY, United States

Enjoying Coffee then lunch with Richard Amos Sensei and Takeshi Kitagawa Sensei.


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Chris Riley Your smile says it all Glenn, proud of you x Dad

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Glenn Riley at WTKO Honbu.

21 March 路 New York, NY, United States

The secret is out! This is what I have to do in order to see daylight 馃槉


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Helen Thornham This looks like a great transferable skill to me: I can see all kinds of potential for school uniforms, towels etc 馃槈

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Edward Ireland Great when I was in forces we had to measure and have them all the same size 馃槉

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Amanda Gisby Remember the bed blocks too! Would have had these on show parade!

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Andreas Wangberg Did this at officer candidate school I think.

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Glenn Riley at WTKO Honbu.

22 March 路 New York, NY, United States

A fantastic, tough class this evening. The atmosphere is always brilliant ! I'm not too sure about my Heian Shodan skills anymore though Jessica 馃槉


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Colin Needham But what a place to study Heian Shodan. And with Enoda Sensei watching behind you!
One of many great pictures by Bernard Rose

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Jessica Quaresma Don't worry, next time you visit, i'll be able to do mirror and reverse order Heian Shodan!

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Glenn Riley at WTKO Honbu.

23 March 路 New York, NY, United States

Early morning training at 7am this morning, Followed by me teaching 2 children's classes this afternoon which I loved. Another great class this evening. Well and truly ready for bed!


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Glenn Riley with Yanti Amos and Richard Amos.

24 March 路 New York, NY, United States

3 fantastic classes this evening! Private class with Sensei covering Kata Unsu (priceless!). Next two classes emphasising Khion and Kata Sochin.


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Edward Ireland Your journey in the Big Apple nearly done Sensei Glenn 
I salute you my friend 

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Glenn Riley

24 March 路 New York, NY, United States

Richard Amos Sensei slowly easing me back into the outside world again  馃槉


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Edward Ireland Your journey in the Big Apple nearly done Sensei Glenn 
I salute you my friend 

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Glenn Riley

24 March 路 New York, NY, United States

Early morning Yoga with Yanti Amos 馃槉


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Yanti Amos Well done today Sensei Glenn -getting more flexible in the poses 馃憤馃檹

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Glenn Riley Hard work Karen, although very rewarding. Always feel great after 馃槉

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Jenny Cameron I would so love to be there right now 馃槮

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Glenn Riley with Yanti Amos and Richard Amos.

24 March 路 New York, NY, United States

A beautiful morning in NY enjoying Coffee:-)


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Glenn Riley 

25 March 路 New York, NY, United States

Great morning training with one of Sensei's private students who I will really miss. Class covered the last two of the 26 Kata I have been lucky enough to be taken through ( Meikyo and Wankan). My last full day in New York before heading home tomorrow. It has been an unbelievable experience.


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Edward Ireland Safe journey home, great Achievement Glenn Sensei

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Jenny Cameron Thank you for sharing your adventure story Glenn 馃槉

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Janet Harrison Well Done Glenn Safe journey home xxx

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Karin Williams I like Meikyo - the jump is easier!

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Kirsty Norman We are all looking forward to seeing you 馃槃

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Steve King Safe journey home and thank you for sharing you wonderful experience . I am sure it will be continued to be shared in the dojo upon your return. Many respects, Osu

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Glenn Riley

26 March 路 New York, NY, United States

Many thanks to everyone for following my journey. I have thoroughly enjoyed my Kenshusei training, although to be honest, I am drained! Richard Amos Sensei certainly pushes you to the extreme. I wish to thank Sensei and Yanti Amos for being so kind to me. 





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Sarah Craske Riley So PROUD 馃槉

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Scott Langley Congrats!

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Dennis Hanwright Excellent Glenn, a very proud achievement.

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Reede Brown Congratulations Glenn.

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Frank Herrmann Congratulation!

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Yanti Amos Great training with you and having your wonderful energy in the dojo! 馃憡馃徎馃憤馃檹

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Simon Bligh Brilliant. Well done .see you next week

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Janet Harrison You should be so proud of your self xxx

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Steve Bailes Great achievement well done osu

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Aimee Jo Well done Glenn.. Huge achievement x

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Jessica Quaresma Words cannot express how much i'll miss you and how much of an honor it was getting to know you.... Thank you for your spirit, laughter and guidance. Safe journey home Sensei Glenn.

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Zack Stewart Congrats Glenn!

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Andrea 'Sam' Carbon Awesome. Well done! It is indeed an amazing achievement. Very proud of to call you friend and sempai. Can't wait to see you. Safe journey home. Osu 馃憡 馃憡

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Richard Amos Looking through all the photos (and videos) now and thinking of you as you journey home. Been great having you here! Yanti Amos posting photos soon!

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Glenn Riley Thank you for everything Richard Amos Sensei.

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John Shanahan Well done Glenn, well done. K
O. T.

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Basil Leeshue Congratulations

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Sarah Craske Riley with Glenn Riley and Kirsty Norman at Akashi Shotokan Karate.

28 March 

Mission accomplished!
A massive THANK YOU to Karen & Mick for sorting this and Kirsty for helping hang it!


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Richard Amos Fantastic!

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Steve Bailes Thats special nice touch!

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Nadeem Oppal Well done!

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Michael Isaacs Welcome home Glenn, bet you had a great time.

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Collin Schubert Wonderful.

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Arwin Mahindrakar that's brilliant! smile emoticon

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Shelly Collinson Welcome home will see you tomorrow x

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Steve King that is totally awesome

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Raphael Roger Levy 馃檹馃徎馃憡馃徎

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Paul Dennison What a great welcome home.

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Paul Edge Murphy Are you loved by your students hmmmmmmmm
A total Yes !!!!! Oss

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Einar Hagen Eyd铆s L铆ndal Finnbogad贸ttir, Agnar Birkir how come I didn't get a banner? 馃槈

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Andrea 'Sam' Carbon Love this! What a lovely, lovely gesture. You have made them very proud and you must, in turn be very proud of them 馃挏馃憡

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Jason Hitchings Eska Great club spirit. 馃憤馃徎馃憡馃徎

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Mark Davy When is the first class Glenn Riley?

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Glenn Riley Akashi Students: I sincerely thank you all X

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